Canaan Baptist Academy

About Canaan Baptist Academy

Canaan Baptist Academy is a ministry of Canaan Baptist Church and was founded in the fall of 2018. From its inception and continuing through today, Canaan Baptist Academy strives to produce leaders who know personally and serve their Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ fervently. As a result of their relationship with Christ, they will then be able to meet others’ needs through the knowledge and skills they gain.

In an age dominated by humanistic philosophies, Canaan Baptist Academy has determined to remain rooted in Christ and His Word. Since it is the school’s philosophy that will establish its curriculum and procedures, Canaan Baptist Academy strives to apply a genuinely biblical philosophy in every class and activity.

Canaan Baptist Academy is helping parents fulfill their sacred responsibility of providing their children with an academically sound, Christ-centered education based on the principles of God’s Word.

4 Pillars of Canaan Baptist Academy

Our Staff


Families who desire their children to be enrolled at CBA must be faithful members of Canaan Baptist Church. Students outside of Canaan Baptist Church will be permitted to enroll for K4.

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