Missionary Application

Dear Fellow Servant of the Lord,

We at Canaan Baptist Church have a sincere desire to get the gospel around the world. We want to use our missions money in a wise way; one which we believe would glorify God. We realize that there are many worthy mission works to support with the offerings given by our members. Church planting missions is our primary focus as commanded by Christ in Matthew 28:18-20

We want to support men whose doctrinal positions are in line with ours. Our goal is to see churches started of like faith and practice. To help us ensure this, we must have an application we ask each missionary who desires support from us to fill out. This is to help us clarify what you believe and who you are.

If we do support you, we ask that we receive a receipt of funds and, at a minimum, a bi-monthly letter giving us a report of the work and any prayer request you wish us to know. We also would like a picture of your family for our use in a display of our missionary families. No one will be considered for support until a complete application is received. This application is arranged in multiple-choice format, so it should take around 20 minutes to complete.

If you are interested in being a part of our church’s missions program, please fill out the following application in its entirety and hit “send” at the bottom. If you have any questions regarding the application, feel free to email our mission secretary at missions@canaanbaptist.org or call 770-786-8885.

We try to have one missionary a month come and present their work to our church family. Please be assured that as soon as I have read the form and see you agree with the standards our church has set forth, and if I would like to invite you, I will contact you. The work of missions is very important to Canaan Baptist Church.

In Christ name,

Pastor Billy Ingram
Canaan Baptist Church
Covington, GA

Please respond to all the questions in as accurate fashion as possible.

Doctrinal Information

Accountability Information

If at any time you should change your doctrines, field or home church, we will take this into consideration and may re-evaluate your support.

Miscellaneous Information

Answers in this section will not necessarily weigh in the Canaan Baptist Church’s decision to take a missionary on for support—unless it is found that the truth was misrepresented in some fashion in the first three sections. Please answer truthfully and fully.
By completing and sending this application, you are testifying that all answers you have stated are completely honest and without guile.